U.S. Stock Market is concerned on the operation of the ECB and opens down

U.S. Stock Market dropped in early trade Wednesday as investors wondering about the implications of the massive loan granted by the European Central Bank (ECB) to financial institutions: the Dow Jones lost 0.28% and the Nasdaq 0.92 %. Around 9:40 am EDT, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 33.75 points to 12,069.83 points and the Nasdaq, dominated by technology, from 23.93 points to 2579.80 points. The broader index S & P 500 yielded 0.37% (4.55 points) to 1,236.75 points. Tuesday, Wall Street had ended up sharply, boosted by positive economic indicators in Germany and the United States. The Dow Jones had 2.87% Nasdaq 3.19% and the S & P 500 2.98%. “The brokers are seeking to assess the significance of the large loan from the European Central Bank for the health of the banking sector in the region,” analysts have estimated the Charles Schwab. The ECB has allocated 489.191 billion euros to 523 banks in the euro area during an operation unprecedented and highly anticipated loan three years. European markets were initially jumped to the announcement, before retreating. This giant “is good news in the sense that it should address the concerns” of investors about banks’ access to liquidity, but “at the same time, it’s disarming to see so many banks have used” to supply, said Patrick O’Hare of Briefing.com financial site. The “demand” bank for the loan, as well as “disappointing results of companies’ weighed on trade, he said. The software giant Oracle, including quarterly financial results disappointed the market, fell by 11.90% to 25.70 dollars and lead the technology sector. In the bond market, without direction, the yield on the 10-year Treasury stood at 1.915% against 1.925% Tuesday, and the 30-year 2.933% 2.927% against the previous day.

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