What is said about the rumors at RIM?

Rumors continue to circulate for sale and the title of Research in Motion (RIM) gained 5% in Toronto Tuesday and 8% on the Nasdaq.
RIM is particularly associated with Samsung, Microsoft and Facebook.
Comments from four research reports Wednesday:
Peter Misek, Jefferies: “I believe that the articles suggest that RIM talks with Samsung are probably true. However, although I think RIM is exploring options, I think licensing agreements for BB10 are what is most likely. And since I believe it is likely to attend partnerships, I improves my target to $ 17. I think there will be ads for licensing within three months and we will see BB10 handsets later this year. All this will gain momentum with the appointment of a new chairman. I think Barbara Stymiest has a good chance of being appointed and if so, I expect a strategic review of activities and a major restructuring. As part of a licensing agreement for BB10, I think RIM may charge $ 10 per unit. This is the only way RIM can maintain their income and build its ecosystem. Samsung and HTC follow suit to gain access to subscribers of RIM. A license agreement would be devastating for RIM hardware (hardware business), hence the need for major restructuring. “
Gus Papageorgiou, Scotia: “I think the speculation surrounding licensing agreements for QNX have merit and that it could benefit RIM. But if RIM would allow all phones to tap into the BlackBerry, it could greatly affect the competitive advantage of its existing aircraft. If RIM exclusives are no longer exclusive to RIM phones, they are not as attractive. Hardware (hardware business) may need to be sold. I see no financial momentum as BlackBerry phones will not be initiated 10. Although I think the license agreements have the potential, it is far too early to say that it could have an impact on the finances over the next two or three quarters. In addition, the title is vulnerable to rumors of deadlines for the BB10. It might also be surprised with the positive review of the operations is to reduce costs, which could potentially offset future planned marketing expenditures. “
Shaw Wu, Sterne Agee, “I think there is intrinsic value in RIM as a target acquisition with 75 million subscribers, the patent portfolio, the BlackBerry OS and the system of instant notification (push). I do not know, however, whether a price above 10 billion would make sense. Market capitalization currently stands at 9.2 billion, which means that the upside potential is limited. Logical buyers are Amazon, Microsoft, and possibly Sansung Facebook. I assess the potential value of 5 to 7 billion, giving a value of 9 to $ 13 per share. “
Tavis McCourt, Morgan Keegan, “Samsung could certainly do reduce the cost of equipment (hardware costs) at RIM and improve quality in addition to giving momentum to the efforts of the company with QNX/BB10. I suspect that against RIM is more interested in the avenues mentioned by the strategic direction for the most recent conference call with analysts, which excludes an outright sale. There is no doubt that RIM will ultimately focus on niche markets or be sold to a large diversified industry techs. But I still believe that this option is unlikely in the short term given the current transition to BB10. “

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